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Families are stronger when they are together.
Our House becomes a home for families so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little or no cost.


Please understand that Ronald McDonald House runs at full capacity. Our goal is to be able to provide a room for every family. However, we are not always able to accommodate all requests.

Social workers at hospitals provide resources or a backup plan in case the House is full during your visit. They will provide you and your family with information of nearby hotels and accommodations in the area.

Please call our office 305-324-5683 for more information.

There are four requirements to be eligible for a room at the House:

1) The child/patient must be receiving in-patient or out-patient treatment at the nearby pediatric hospitals

2) The child/patient must be 21 years or younger.

3) The family must live at least 20 miles away from the House. 

4) A pregnant woman with a diagnosed fetal anomaly who meets all other eligibility requirements.  Doctor must provide note and confirmation.


Please take a moment to read our House Guidelines.

Completing this documentation is not a reservation and does NOT guarantee a room. Once completed, your information is automatically added to our wait list.

If a room is available, you will be contacted directly.


Please take a moment to read our House Guidelines.  It is mandatory you read and undertstand them.


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